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The Power of Switching Off:

A Different View on News Consumption

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We hope this email finds you well. At Longbottom Farm, we have always believed in nurturing connections – with our animals, our land, and you, our valued customers. Today, we would like to invite you to join us in exploring a thought-provoking perspective on a habit that most of us engage in daily – consuming news.

Undoubtedly, we are living in unprecedented times. Whether it’s pandemics, political changes, or social unrest, there is an overwhelming amount of information competing for our attention, making it difficult to look away. Therefore, we wanted to share a recent blog post that challenged us to reassess our relationship with the news.

The article presents several powerful arguments. Firstly, it suggests that incessant news consumption may have a negative impact on our mental health. Consider the headlines that often feature disasters, scandals, or tragedies, which evoke feelings of anxiety, sadness, or anger. On our busy farm, we have discovered that maintaining a positive state of mind is crucial for productivity and overall well-being.

Another concern is the commercialization of news. Every television network, even community stations, operates as a business. Their ad revenue increases when they capture more of our attention. It’s similar to caring for our farm animals: the more attention and care we provide, the healthier they become and the more beneficial they are to our farm. However, unlike the positive effects of attention on our farm, the ‘attention’ involved in news consumption is often exploited, perpetuating a cycle of anxiety. Personally, I have chosen to opt out of this cycle.

Does watching the news truly keep us informed? News broadcasts often focus on the same formulaic stories, rarely providing insights into topics that directly impact our daily lives, such as our physical and mental well-being or financial stability. It’s comparable to planting the same crops year after year, depleting the soil and reducing fertility. Diversity, whether in crop rotation or the type of news we consume, is crucial for a healthy ecosystem.

Furthermore, the blog post highlights how news is frequently misleading and politically biased. With a constant barrage of one-sided stories, it becomes challenging to obtain a complete picture. It’s akin to attempting to understand the health of our farm from just one corner of a field. To truly comprehend the situation, we need to survey the entire landscape, take soil samples from different areas, and assess the health and behavior of our livestock.

Moreover, the article suggests that consuming news can be a waste of time, seldom leading to happiness. Time, like in farming, is a valuable resource, and where we choose to invest it can significantly impact the outcome. Imagine the fulfillment that comes from spending the same amount of time learning a new skill, enjoying a relaxing walk, or engaging in a heartwarming chat with loved ones. There are numerous other areas where we can direct our attention that will yield positive results in our lives.

Finally, the blog post recommends seeking information from more reliable sources such as documentaries, scholarly articles, and direct community involvement. At Longbottom Farm, we relate this to our farming practices, where firsthand knowledge and experience often outweigh hearsay. We value direct connection with the land, our animals, and you – our community.

Reflecting on this, we want to touch on a concept that resonates deeply with our digital age and has been mentioned here multiple times: attention. Attention is the new digital currency. Today, more than ever, there is a battle to gain the attention of readers and viewers. In this battle, it is crucial for us to discern where our attention, this precious new currency, is best invested. We invite you to consider this perspective and see how it resonates with your own experiences. Our goal at Longbottom Farm is not only to provide you with wholesome, pasture-raised goodness but also to foster a community that values well-being and mindful living.

Whether it involves reducing news consumption, spending more time outdoors, or engaging in mindful practices, we hope you find ways to cultivate tranquility and positivity in your daily life. Remember, just as our farm thrives through conscious cultivation and careful attention, so too can our minds and lives.

Wishing you all the best and a peaceful day!

June Updates

What’s happening at the Farm

rainy day cooking

Pastured Poultry

Pastured Poultry is NOW AVAILABLE!  Everything is listed and we still have 2 more batches this summer and fall.  You may notice no whole birds this round.  That’s because the birds grew very big (think small turkeys) thus we decided to part them instead.  We have added 2 new products, which are Ground Chicken and Country Breakfast Chicken Sausage.  Stock will be limited initially, but ramp up as we move to summer and fall.  Thanks for your patience!

Hand-Gathered Eggs

ARE BACK IN STOCK!!!  The discounted bundles are also back up as well.  Apologies again for the delay and thanks for your patience!

Beef Restock in 3 weeks!

You’ll see we’re currently out of Dry-aged Ground Beef among other cuts.  We took cattle in this past Monday and anticpate being restocked in the next 3-4 weeks.  This includes 1/8th and 1/4th beef shares, Grassfed Beef Box, and our discounted Dry-aged Ground Beef Bundles.  

Purchase Options

Just a reminder that we have many ways to get you that pasture-raised goodness.  Order online and at check-out, you’ll be presented with options based on your location (zip code).  We have Friday & Saturday Pick-up here at the farm.  There is also Home Delivery every Friday to the Scottsville / Charlottesville / Palmyra area via our Pasture to Porch delivery service.  You can also order online and pick-up your order Saturdays at Charlottesville City Market.  More options coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Grass is Greener

Here’s a quick look at very excited cattle moving to “Greener” pastures.  Enjoy!

Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you.  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!  Have a wonderful week!

Round Longbottom Farm 2022 Family Photo

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family

Farmers Markets

Want to pick some Longbottom Farm beef, pork, poultry, eggs, and coffee as well as other locally produced goodies.  These are the places to do it. 

Charlottesville City Market – (April – December) Every Saturday from 9 am – 1 pm.  A great way to stock up on some local food and treats while enjoying some fresh air.  Thanks to all those that have come out to support local farms and artisans in our area.  Hope to see you there!

Curbside Pick-up – Order online and pick up on farm with our Curbside Pick-up.  Place your order, choose your day, and pick-up anytime on that day between 11 am and 4 pm.  That’s it!

Locally DeliveryIf you are within 30 minutes of our farm (availability is determined by zip code at checkout), we offer home delivery to the Scottsville / Charlottesville areas.   We deliver every Friday for orders over $50 ($6 delivery charge) and FREE DELIVERY for orders over $99.  Simply Order online and we’ll take care of the rest!

Farm Store

It Tastes Right Because It’s Raised Right!

Hand Gathered, Farm Fresh Eggs

Experience the difference and give our free range, premium eggs a try!

Virginia Raised, 100% Grassfed, Black Angus Beef

Our Virginia raised beef at Longbottom Farm is 100% grass-fed & grass-finished.

Longbottom Farm Pastured Pork

Raised in a combination of pasture and woods, our Pastured Pork produces a flavor like no other. Experience the difference.