Pastured Poultry

Pasture Raised in Scottsville Virginia!

Pasture Raised, Antibiotic Free, Non-GMO

Looking for chicken raised on pasture the old fashion way?  How about an alternative to commercially produced poultry in buildings?  How about a better tasting chicken?

Pastured Poultry at Longbottom Farm means you’re getting pasture raised chickens without antibiotics, hormones, or medicated feed.  Our birds eat a natural diet of grass and forages in addition to Non-GMO feed to supplement their diet. 

The taste and texture are a product of being raised on pasture and something you won’t find in most supermarket offerings.  Experience the difference of Pastured Poultry at Longbottom Farm.  

pastured poultry

Pastured Poultry is Sold Out for 2022


Poultry went super quick this year, coupled with decreased supply on our end while focusing on a couple new farm projects.  We’ll resume raising Pastured Poultry Spring 2023.  Apologies for the temporary delay and thanks for your patience!


Value Pack Bundles

Whole Bird Bundle

Whole Bird Bundle


Chicken Broth

Stew & Broth Bundle


Pastured Poultry Bundle

Pastured Poultry Bundle


Meat Cuts

Farm Sampler


The Whole Bird Bundle


Temporarily Out of Stock

Chicken Stew & Broth Bundle


Temporarily Out of Stock

Pastured Poultry Bundle


Temporarily Out of Stock

Farm Sampler Value Pack


Temporarily Out of Stock

What People Are Saying

“Best Tasting Beef We Ever Had”

“The Longbottom Farm and family are doing an amazing job raising healthy cows that produce the best tasting beef we have ever had!”

Corrine N.

“Everyone Was Raving!”

“THANK YOU AGAIN for the eggs! I made a cheesecake for a friend’s going away party, and the color was golden, the egg whites stiffened and doubled in size, and the cake was amazing–everyone was raving! You and your family and farm are awesome!!”

Karen W.


“My birthday dinner at Mom and Dads was perfect . Dad grilled rib eye, sirloin and NY strip steaks from Longbottom Farm. They were fantastic!!”

Carol H.


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