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Bringing The Farm To You!

Life gets busy sometimes and it’s a challenge to visit the market or stop by the farm.  We get it!  Heck, sometimes we’re not busy.  We just want to stay home in our PJs with a cup of coffee.  Either way, we’ve got ya covered.

Home delivery means you go about your day, we’ll take care of the rest.  Simply visit the Longbottom Farm Online Store, choose your cuts, and choose ‘Pasture to Porch‘ as your shipping option.  That’s it.

How to Order


Head over to the Longbottom Farm Online Store.  Choose your cuts and proceed to checkout.  Choose the ‘Pasture to Porch’ option when checking out.


We pack your order by hand ourselves.  If you are within 20 miles of the farm, we personally deliver your order.  Outside that range, your order will arrive via Fed Ex.


Orders are sent out every Wednesday and arrive on Thursday (rarely Friday).  No worries if you’re not home.  Our products ship frozen in recyclable coolers and are good 24 – 48 hours.  Unpack and enjoy!!

Where Do You Ship To?

1 Day Shipping

Orders are shipped out every Wednesday with expected arrival at your door on Thursday (in rare cases on Friday).

Orders placed before 6 am on Wedneday will be sent that Wednesday.  Orders placed after 6 am Wednesday will be sent out the following Wednesday.

Shipping area includes all of VA, MD, NJ, and DE.  Also parts of NY, PA, WV, NC, TN, and SC (see map)

Fees for Delivery:

Within 20 minutes of our farm: $10 (fee waived for orders over $50)

Regionally: 0 – 20 lbs via Fed Ex: $25

1-2 Day Shipping

We are working on expanding our shipping capabilities.  More coming soon!

Common Questions

Will My Order Be Frozen?

We ship all orders frozen though there will likely be some defrost upon arrival.  Outside temperature, transit time, and carrier conditions factor into how long the shipment stays frozen.  We can’t gaurantee frozen on arrival, but WE CAN GAURANTEE FRESH & REFRIDGERATED.  Simply continue thawing to cook, or place in your freezer for a later time.

What If I'm Not Home For Delivery?

No worries!  Your order will arrive via Fed Ex and will be left on your doorstep.  Orders are shipped frozen within ecologically friendly insulated coolers that keep your product chilled for 24 – 48 hours (gel packs or dry ice).  We do recommend you look out for your order on Thursday as we always ship on Wednesday unless we notify you otherwise.  Just open and freeze or refridgerate upon your return Thursday evening and that’s it!

How Can I Track My Order?

For local home delivery, we’ll schedule a time via email or phone.  For ‘Pasture to Porch’ via Fed Ex, we’ll send out an email with your tracking information.

What If I Have A Problem With My Order?

Contact us immediately via our Contact Page and we’ll be in touch ASAP as well as do everything we can to fix the problem.

Can I Save Money On Delivery?

Actually, yes! 

1.  Sign up for our email updates as they obtain occasional coupon codes and sales

2. It’s a flat fee based on weight.  Ordering weight amounts just below the maximum means you pay less per pound for shipping.

3. Return the undamaged cooler / box for a $5 credit on your next order

How Do I Know If I'm In Your Shipping Area?

Simply enter your address at checkout.  Your options will then be revealed in the ‘shipping‘ drop down menu.  If you see the ‘Pasture to Porch‘ option, then we can deliver right to your door.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

This will be determined once you enter your zip code at checkout.

  • Scottsville and surrounding area
    • If you are within ~ 20 minutes of our farm, we offer FREE local delivery for orders > $50.  Just choose ‘Free Local Delivery (Wednesday)‘ at checkout. 
  • Outside Scottsville area
    • Choose ‘Pasture to Porch‘ at checkout
    • Orders are shipped out on Wednesdays via Fed Ex with expected delivery on Thursday
    • $25 fee
  • Pickup on farm is always free and encouraged.  Meet your farmers and see how your food is raised.  

** Shipping frozen cost more due to required box, cooler / insulation, refridgerant, and Fed ex fees.  We are always looking for ways to bring this cost down to deliver the best value to you!


What's Products Are Available For Shipping?

Beef and pork are available for shipping.  Unfortunatly we can’t ship eggs yet, but we’re working on it.

Is The Packaging Recyclable?

You Bet!  The box is cardboard, the cooler is actually Non-GMO corn starch.  Simply remove the foam, place in a sink, and run water over it.  Viola!  It’s gone.  The plastic it was removed from can be recycled with #4 bags.  Or bring the undamaged box / cooler with you on a farm visit or tour and we’ll credit you $5 off your next order.

Is There A Return Policy?

Being that meat is a perishable product, we are unable to accept returns.  We are available for questions and concerns prior to ordering, but once shipped, sales are final.  That being said, we will approach any problems that arise after shipping on a case by case basis and address accordingly.   

Do You Ship Eggs?

Unfortunately No, as they would probably arrive already scrambled.  It is something we are working on though!

What Do You Call A Cow With 2 Legs?

LEAN Beef! foot-in-mouthtongue-out

I Have Another Question

Scottsville And Surrounding Area

If you are within 20 minutes of our farm, we offer free delivery on Wednesdays for orders over $50.  Simply Order online and we’ll take care of the rest

  • Place your order online
  • Choose ‘Free Local Delivery’ as your shipping option (This option will automatically present based on your zip code
  • We Deliver locally every Wednesday
  • We’ll deliver to your door.  Not home?  Just leave a cooler outside and it will be waiting on you when you return.  That’s it!

What People Are Saying

“Best Tasting Beef We Ever Had”

“The Longbottom Farm and family are doing an amazing job raising healthy cows that produce the best tasting beef we have ever had!”

Corrine N.

“Everyone Was Raving!”

“THANK YOU AGAIN for the eggs! I made a cheesecake for a friend’s going away party, and the color was golden, the egg whites stiffened and doubled in size, and the cake was amazing–everyone was raving! You and your family and farm are awesome!!”

Karen W.


“My birthday dinner at Mom and Dads was perfect . Dad grilled rib eye, sirloin and NY strip steaks from Longbottom Farm. They were fantastic!!”

Carol H.


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