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Leaving the City and Moving to the Country

Bringing The Farm To You!

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The FeyerherdsMoving To The Farm

Hi, I’m Lexi.  Not long ago, Jason and I were living the suburban dream. We had a growing family in a wonderful neighborhood, with good schools, nearby amenities and all the Netflix our wi-fi could handle. It was a wonderful life, but something was missing. Little did we know that a seed had been planted in both of our hearts. And what started as a spark of desire to move to the country, grew into a full fledged passion for farming. There were many factors at play, but ultimately the desire to responsibly raise safe, nutritious food was the reason we started our small family farm, Longbottom Farm.

At Longbottom Farm, we are a small family farm composed of a family of five; a husband and wife team, accompanied by our three daughters, whom we affectionately refer to as “farmhands-in-training”. We are so blessed to be able to instill a love of animals, respect for the land and the value of a hard days work in our girls. The farm provides a new life lesson every day! We also work off farm jobs as health care practitioners. Yep, we take care of people too! Our experience in health care has highlighted the importance of access to healthy, nutrient dense, locally grown food.

The Property…

Girls fishing at Longbottom Farm

Longbottom Farm encompasses 55 acres, located along the James River in Scottsville, Virginia (Buckingham County). In the past, the land had been used for cattle and pork production, wood milling, and most recently corn and soybean farming.  Between the 1800’s farmhouse and recent heavy crop farming, we had our work cut out for us. The land needed TLC and livestock was the perfect solution. The chickens are moved around the farm, fertilizing the soil while producing some of the best free range eggs in town. The cattle mow the fields and fertilize, which nourish the pastures that in turn nourish the cattle.

Why Small Family Farms Are Important

farmhandKnowing where our food comes from is important to us. Like many of you, there’s a need to know how the food we eat is produced, and the answer isn’t readily available unless you know your farmer. The ability to see how the animals benefit not only us, but also the land, is a connection that is lost among today’s current supermarket offerings.  Reestablishing that connection is what sets Longbottom Farm apart. We are raising healthy animals that are allowed to express their normal behaviors, free of cages or chemicals, all while healing the land by using management techniques that mimic cycles seen in nature.  We follow nature’s lead and work with the land instead of against it.  That means you get a premium product from humanely raised animals, while at the same time supporting local and “going green”. That’s what Longbottom Farm is all about and why we love what we do!

If any of these values resonate with you, we would love to be your farmer! Allow us to provide you with some of the best tasting,  nutrient-dense meat and eggs in central Virginia. Contact us to schedule a farm tour or follow along with us here (also Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). We are the open, transparent farm we wanted to see. Let us be that farm for you.


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