Country Breakfast Chicken Sausage

Breakfast enthusiasts, unite! Feast your eyes on our Country Breakfast Chicken Sausage.  Blend of Salt, Sage, Maple Sugar, and Red Pepper.  Pastured-Raised, NON-GMO, Antibiotic Free!

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Breakfast enthusiasts, unite! Feast your eyes on our Country Breakfast Chicken Sausage. This isn’t just your average sausage; it’s a remarkable medley of ground chicken, locally nurtured, seasoned with just the right amount of salt, sage, and the subtlest hint of maple sugar. Topped off with a sprightly dash of red pepper, our chicken sausage offers a rustic taste sensation. It’s the protein-rich breakfast companion you’ve been waiting for. Our free-range birds roam and forage the verdant pastures of Longbottom Farm, imbuing the sausage with a flavor that is unmistakably farm-fresh. In all honesty, why settle for anything less for your breakfast when our Country Breakfast Chicken Sausage is here to rule the roost?

Now, let’s “crack” the code on how to prepare this morning marvel. Our chicken sausage, sold in bulk, is impressively adaptable, ready to fit into your kitchen routine, be it a weekday scramble or a slow-paced weekend brunch. Start by browning it in a skillet over medium heat, shaping the sausage into crumbles or patties according to your preference. Continue cooking until it reaches a tempting golden brown and is thoroughly cooked, which is when the real flavor fiesta begins. Paired with sunny-side-up eggs, wrapped in a burrito, or tossed into your favorite hash, our sausage is ready to take your breakfast from good to “egg-straordinary”!

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