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Me: Stares lovingly at the cows

Also me: “Get OUT of the trough !” Their similarities to children astound me.

And then there’s this one. The fence was supposed to keep her out, instead it kept her in 🙄.

We had so much fun at the holiday market we’re doing it again!

Come see us next Saturday (12/14) at the Scottsville Holiday Market and Saturday (12/21) at Charlottesville City Market.  Pick up your Christmas ham and more! 🍽🎄.

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Bringing the Farm to You!

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How To Make The Most Of Leftovers

Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, we prepare a lot of food.  Family, friends, and good company mean preparing way more than we normally would.  If you’re like us, we try and send leftovers home with guest, but end up with enough for plenty more meals.  So, what to do with all those leftovers?  Here are a few things we do to make the most of our bounty.
1. Wrap and reheat:  Not reinventing any wheels here.  We use pyrex dishes for our leftovers so we can pop them right back in the microwave at a later time.  Great when you need a fast meal / snack, or you plain don’t feel like cooking but want a cooked meal.
2. Soups:  Bones, chicken frames, and are great for making nutrient dense soups and stews.  Simply throw these leftovers in a slow cooker with your favorite veggies and herbs, and that’s it.  It will make any soup taste rich and amazing as well as add valuable vitamins and minerals.  Win/win!
3. Casseroles: I’m pretty sure this is another word for leftovers.  Apparently it refers to the dish you cook it in, but anyways.  You can put in your leftover meat and veggies, along with a starchy binder with some cheese, and viola!  Bake for a bit and done.  We find that pretty much none of our casseroles ever turn out the same, and that’s why we love it!
4. Make a Pie: In the same vein as casseroles, leftover fruit or a meat / veggie combination make a wonderful pie!  Here’s a recipe from The Happy Foodie you’ll love (We did!)
5. Freeze:  Holiday hams are perfect for being frozen and saved for a later date.  Veggies can also be frozen a s well provided there’s time to blanch.  We would also recommend a vacuum sealer if available to prevent freezer burn.
6. Re-purpose:  Leftover meats make great sandwiches. Slice the meat to your liking and store in the fridge.  Another option is to add those meats to a bed of rice, and you have a whole new dish!
These are a few ways we deal with leftovers.  If none of these work, consider a pet treat (avoid cooked bones!).  When you run a farm and have 3 growing girls, leftovers are guaranteed and these methods are how we deal with them.  We’d love to hear any tips, recipes, or ideas you have when it comes to leftovers!  Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!!

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With our appreciation!

Jason, Lexi, and Family

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