This Week ‘Round The Farm

I think Cleo has had enough of us being home 24-7.

If you have ever gone fishing with me, this will not surprise you.

Jason had a little help with fencing. We’ve decided to call him Wart, ’cause he grows on ya! 😂

This handsome fella has the worst singing voice 📣 .

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A Little Help To Pass The Time

This is probably the point at which everyone is getting a little stir crazy from being inside so much.  Cabin fever is becoming more prevalent during this time of self isolation and quarantining. 

That’s why this is the perfect time to learn about something new, obtain a new hobby, explore home schooling resources, or just look for another source of entertainment.

We’ve complied a list of free resources and activities that may help. 

Want an Ivy league Education?

Free Code Camp has compiled list of 450 Ivy league online courses that are FREE!  You don’t get a degree but if you’ve ever wanted to learn to program, or finance, or world religions, this is the place.

What About The Children?

With schools closed and kids at home 24/7, teaching can be a challenge.  This list compiled on Reddit has endless educational activities for kids.  I was going to type some out, but this pretty much covers it way better than I can!  A great way to spend some quality time with children and learn in the process!

Credit to Reddit Users MustLoveWolves & alphajoe13

What Are You Guys Doing To Stay Sane?

To start, we’re avoiding the news … like the plague (too soon?)  As healthcare providers, there is so much fear producing coverage and anxiety provoking headlines that we’ve had enough.  That’s not to say ignore news, but go to real sources if you  want the latest on the whole Covid-19 Pandemic.

Virginia Dept of Health has all the latest information and recommendations.  It’s not perfect but the best I’ve found to get accurate information.

Some of our Favorite Sites / Apps

Headspace – A meditation app has been my go-to in past weeks.  There is no chanting, incense lighting, achieve nirvana nonsense.  Just guided meditations to help your brain resist the urge to run with thoughts.  Mark Twain is quoted as saying “Some of the worst things in my life never even happened”.  Meditation helps to block that road of worry and steer you back to the present and now.  Check it out!

Khan Academy – This is an amazing resource for teaching children and yourself.  A non-profit dedicated to ensuring no one is without an education.  Check it out.

Farm Updates

1. Farmers Markets: All officially closed.  Scottsville Farmers Market will allow pick-ups at the market, but no vendors will be set up for browsing or chatting.  Charlottesville City Market will be closed indefinetly.

2.  We are expanding our local delivery area in an effort to help those who are undergoing quarantine or socially distancing.  We’re also dropping our minimum order to $40.  You can leave a cooler outside if you desire no contact, no worries.  Choose ‘local delivery – Wednesday‘ as your shipping option on the website).

3.  Our processor is experiencing unprecedented demand for locally raised meats.  In an effort to meet that demand, they are limiting certain services including dry aging and value added products like cube steak and sausage links.  This is temporary until June 1st but could extend longer.  Keep you posted.

4.  You’ve probably noticed a lot of ‘sold out‘ tags on our website.  We will be FULLY RESTOCKED on grass-fed / grass-finished beef in about 2 weeks.  That means our value packs will also be back in stock.  Concerning pork, we are a number of months out on that but the pigs will finally be here tomorrow!  We still have bacon, chops, and most of the goodies (very low on sausage), but are also tripling our pigs this year to improve inventory.  Thanks for you patience on this.

5.  We’ve had a ton of visitors to the farm for pick-up orders and are very appreciative of the support we’ve received.  In an effort to observe the social distancing rules, we’ll be setting up times for On Farm Pick-up and leaving orders in a cooler on the front porch.  Also farm tours are on hold. This was a tough decision to make but flattening the curve, and keeping people healthy is what we are all about these days.

Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you!  If you have questions, want to tour the farm, or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family

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