Beef Back Fat


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Discover the versatility and delicious flavor of our Grassfed Beef Back Fat at Longbottom Farm. It’s sourced from the upper part of our cattle’s back, infusing your dishes with a rich, beefy taste. Its soft texture and lower melting point make it perfect for sautéing, frying, or roasting, and it’s great for creating mouthwatering beef drippings for roast beef or everyday cooking. You can also enhance the flavor of venison and other wild game by mixing it in. Elevate your meals with Longbottom Farm’s Beef Back Fat, your secret ingredient for adding both flavor and convenience to your culinary creations.

When it comes to choosing between Suet, Back-Fat, and Tallow:

  • Suet is located around the kidneys and loin, with a higher melting point and a milder beef flavor. It’s great for cooking and traditional British dishes.
  • Back fat is sourced from the trimmings and the outer back muscles, offering a softer texture and lower melting point, with a richer beefy taste. It’s excellent for adding flavor to venison or wild game dishes.
  • Tallow is what you get when you render down either Suet or Back-Fat into a liquid and let it cool. Tallow is the versatile fat you use in all the ways mentioned above in your cooking adventures.

*** We DO NOT ship this product.  Pick up on farm, at the market, or local delivery ***

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