This Week ‘Round The Farm


Opening up old fireplaces is by far the most terrifying home improvement project to date ☠️.

Out of Box

Looks like we have some ladies that are refusing to use the nesting boxes. Rebels 🙄.

Taking the Wheel

She’s gonna be so helpful, once she can reach the pedals 👧🏻.

On the River

S’mores on the James is the best way to end a week 🔥.

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Ground Beef Galore!

bulk ground beef


No tricks here.  2020 has been full of those.  Only treats, and since beef and pork are back in stock, we’ve put together a new value pack for you.  Our Ground Beef Value Pack is a bulk option now available.  Fill your freezer with grass-fed / grass-finished, antibiotic / hormone free beef.

You’ll get 15 lbs of ground beef for all your grilling, casseroling, and meat loafing needs.  These come in 1 pound packs for storage and convenience.  Take out only as much as you need and no waste.

Just visit the Longbottom Farm Online Store, where you can purchase value packs and much more.


Trick or Treat?

I think we’d all prefer a treat over a trick, but we’re not asking for either this Halloween.  Instead, we’d like to ask a favor of you.  If you’ve purchased from us and want to share your experience, would you please leave us a review on google.

It’s a great way for us to hear from you and to share with others.  This also helps us on the inter-webs to boost our site and message.  Just click the link below and share your (hopefully positive) experience!

Also, if you’ve had any negative experiences, would like to provide some feedback / suggestions, or just have a question, we’d like to know that as well.

Our mission as a farm is to not only provide you with delicious and healthy, pasture-raised meats, but also to be transparent and convenient.  One of the reasons we started a farm was to know exactly how and where our food was raised.  We’re also experimenting with shipping and offering free local delivery to improve your shopping experience.

Your feedback helps us improve the experience for you and we’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you!  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!  Stay healthy and safe and Happy Halloween!

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family

Charlottesville City Market To-Go

Charlottesville City Market To-Go - CHS

Want to pick some Longbottom Farm beef, pork and eggs, as well as other locally produced goodies.  This is the place to to it.  Charlottesville City Market To-Go is a drive through farmers market where you preorder online, then drive around the market on Saturday to pick up your goods.  Here’s how it works.

1. Go to the online site Charlottesville City Market To-Go.

2. Set up an account and choose a time slot.

3. Shop for some hand-gathered eggs, pork, and beef among other veggies, meats, pastries, and more (Search feature allows you to look for products or your favorite vendor).

4. Show up Saturday morning at your chosen time, drive through the horse-shoe market where your goods are loaded in your trunk, then you’re on your way.

That’s it.  A great way to stock up on some local food and treats while enjoying some fresh air in a safe way.  Take your favorite beverage, put on your favorite tunes, and enjoy a Saturday morning drive.  Thanks to all those that have come out to support local farms and artisans in our area.  Hope to see you there!

Farm Store

It Tastes Right Because It’s Raised Right!

Hand Gathered, Farm Fresh Eggs

Experience the difference and give our free range, premium eggs a try!

Virginia Raised, 100% Grassfed, Black Angus Beef

Our Virginia raised beef at Longbottom Farm is 100% grass-fed & grass-finished.

Longbottom Farm Pastured Pork

Raised in a combination of pasture and woods, our Pastured Pork produces a flavor like no other. Experience the difference.