This Week ‘Round The Farm

Shoveling Poo

Getting the nursery ready for baby chicks 🐤.


German shepherds have a reputation for being extremely intelligent. Ours spent an hour trying to plant herself in the asparagus trench 🌱.


In every group there are overachievers and there are slackers.

munching on grass

I cannot get enough of these guys 😍.

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The Glory of Ground Beef

Ground Beef Box

What beef cut is versatile, easy, and delicious?  Used to make a variety of dishes?  Affordable and won’t break the bank?  How about easy to store and compact?  If you’re thinking ground beef, you’ve got it!  Ground beef is one of those staple foods that everyone should have.  Not only can you do so many things with it, but more importantly it’s EASY!    That’s important because even though we take time to cook amazing dishes and experiment with recipes, there are always those days where you just don’t have the time.  You still want a healthy and tasty meal yet it’s hard to fit into your schedule or you’re just worn out and don’t have the energy.  I know these days well.  That’s where ground beef comes in.

Around our farm, the day begins with attending to the girls various needs, followed by chores / projects, throw in some home schooling, more projects and evening chores, unless it’s an off farm work day, well, you get the point.  A busy day.  Burgers come to mind as a quick, delicious, and healthy meal (Yes, part of a healthy balanced diet when pasture-raised, consumed in moderation, and with good fixins).  Make some patties, throw on the grill or skillet, and you’re ready to eat in 5-10 minutes.  Burgers are also great for cook-outs and social gatherings (delicious and economical).  Know you’re going to be super busy the next few days?  Cook up some extra patties for burgers later.    

Leftovers are another great use for ground beef and again, EASY! 

Have some leftover mac-in-cheese.  Add some ground beef for an amazing cheeseburger mac-n-cheese (Check out this Dad With A Pan Recipe).  What about some tortillas?   Lettuce, tomato, and cheese and it’s taco night!  One of our favorites is adding cooked ground beef to eggs.   A western style omelet if you will.  Possibilities are endless and it turns leftovers into a new meal quickly and easily.  

Maybe you’re preparing meals from scratch like pasta or chili.  Ground beef is another great addition to already delicious recipes.   We’re heading into summer and canning season, so lots of good marinara and pasta sauces are about to fill the pantry. Adding a bit of cooked, pasture raised, ground beef to your favorite marinara can give that fresh sauce a hearty and savory kick.    

Ground beef can be stored easily and thaws quickly.  At Longbottom farm, ground beef comes in 1 lb packs for convenience.  This is the perfect size to use as much as you need without waste.  If you’re looking for value, we’ve got you covered there too.  Buy 5 and save 5%, or buy 10 or more and save 10%.  Large quantities still come in 1 lb packs for ease and convenience.  

We all want healthy food, that’s a given (ok, sometimes not-so-healthy food too but that’s another topic). 

We want locally raised food where you know how it’s raised and where it’s from.  We’re here as your farmers for this reason.  But sometimes, we just want simple and easy.  Ground beef fits that bill perfect so stock up and be ready for whatever occasion (or lack of motivation) life throws at you.       

Farm Happenings


Hi farm friends.  The busy time is upon us and we love it!  The grass is outpacing my ability to cut or the animals ability to eat but that’s a great problem to have.  A little rain would be nice for this pollen.  I’ve never suffered much from seasonal allergies but this year is kicking my butt.  Here’s what else is going on.

Charlotteville City Market:

OPENING BACK UP TO INPERSON SHOPPING MAY 15TH!  We’ve been in a drive through model which has been great, but it’s time to see you in person again.  We’ve missed you!  Mask and covid rules will be in effect.  If you’re out, stop by and see us!  Also, for those who like the drive through, it will continue as well.  Just order and pick-up Saturday, no worries or need to leave your car.

Beef & Pork:

Restocked next month!  Thanks for your patience.

Pastured Poultry:

Chicks will be arrining in 2-3 weeks!  We anticipate offering our pasture raised chicken late July.  Lots of updates and pictures to follow so stay tuned.

Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you.  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!  Stay healthy and safe!

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family

Charlottesville City Market To-Go

Key's Corner

Want to pick some Longbottom Farm beef, pork and eggs, as well as other locally produced goodies.  How about not having to leave your car?  This is the place to to it.  Charlottesville City Market To-Go is a drive-through farmers market in downtown Charlottesville.  Here’s how it works.

1. Go to the online site Charlottesville City Market To-Go.

2. Set up an account and choose a time slot.

3. Shop for some hand-gathered eggs, pork, and beef among other veggies, meats, pastries, and more (Search feature allows you to look for products or your favorite vendor).

4. Show up Saturday morning and just follow the signs.  Stop at each of your vendors where items will be loaded in your car for you.  

That’s it.  A great way to stock up on some local food and treats while enjoying some fresh air in a safe way.  Take your favorite beverage, put on your favorite tunes, and enjoy a Saturday morning drive.  Thanks to all those that have come out to support local farms and artisans in our area.  Hope to see you there!

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