No Waste Solid Dish Soap



Who knew that pork lard could be so versatile? Not only is it a staple in grandma’s pie crust recipe, but now it’s also the star ingredient in our No Waste Solid Dish Soap.  Made from the highest quality lard from our very own pigs, this soap is the ultimate solution for tough dishwashing tasks. Its natural oils penetrate through grease and grime, leaving dishes squeaky clean without any harsh chemicals. And the best part? It’s gentle on your skin too! Lard is a rich source of vitamin E and other nutrients that leave your hands feeling soft and moisturized. Say goodbye to dry, cracked hands and hello to clean, happy dishes!

Using our No Waste Solid Dish Soap is as easy as pie! Simply wet your dish brush (included with purchase) or sponge, rub it onto the soap bar, and start scrubbing away. The soap creates a rich lather that cuts through even the toughest food residue, leaving your dishes spotless. Plus, with its solid form, you’ll never have to worry about any messy spills or wasted liquid soap. And when you’re done, just rinse your dishes with water and voila! Clean dishes and a happy tummy (because we all know clean dishes lead to delicious meals!). So why settle for boring, run-of-the-mill dish soap when you can have our No Waste Solid Dish Soap made from the finest pork lard around?

Contents: 1 Tub of Soap, 1 Scrub Brush. Ingredients: Water, Rendered Lard, Lie, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils.


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