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Discover the perfect present with Longbottom Farm Gift Cards, delivering flexibility right to the recipient’s inbox or yours for a physical touch. Redeemable online, at our markets, or on the farm, these cards offer endless choices of pasture-raised goodness with no expiration!  Scroll down for more info.

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Unsure about the perfect gift? Choose Longbottom Farm Gift Cards for flexibility and convenience. Simply input the recipient’s email address, and the gift card is instantly delivered to their inbox. You have the option to schedule the delivery for a future date, making it ideal for planned gifts.

Prefer to hand over a tangible present? Easy! Send the gift card to your own email, print it, and package it as you like.

Our gift cards are versatile, usable online, at our markets, or directly on the farm. They come with no expiry date, offering the recipient the freedom to select from our range of pasture-raised products whenever they choose.


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