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egg mobile - new pasture

First pasture rotation of the Spring!  Happy Hens!

hauling fence posts

At least we didn’t pop a tire this time 🚜

dad and daughters

The Garden Crew … until around July when we give up and the weeds win.

rotational grazing

First pasture rotation of the Spring!  Happy Heifers!

In today’s video from Longbottom Farm, we share the practical steps of moving our cattle from winter quarters back to fresh, grassy pastures for the season. We cover the essentials of setting up for rotational grazing.  This process is key for small farms and homesteaders interested in sustainable livestock management.  Join us to learn more about how we manage our pasture for healthy, happy cattle at Longbottom Farm. 🐄🌿🚜.

Easter Egg Sale!!

Stock up on Pasture-Raised Goodness

lots of eggs

It’s Spring here at Longbottom Farm, and our hens are fully embracing the season! Their egg-ceptional efforts have blessed us with an abundance of eggs, perfectly timed for Easter.

We’re thrilled to announce our final egg sale of the year, happening this week. Until Easter Sunday, get our farm-fresh eggs for just $4.50 per dozen (regularly $6). It’s an egg-cellent opportunity to stock up for all your Easter needs and beyond.

You might wonder why we’re hosting this sale. Simply put, our feathered ladies are outpacing the Easter Bunny, laying eggs faster than he can hide them! We aim to make sure these pasture-raised treasures reach your table. Plus, with our market season starting on April 6th, we anticipate this will be our last egg sale for some time, as we’re expecting to sell out quickly once the market is in full swing.

Whether you’re whisking up a quiche, orchestrating an unforgettable Easter egg hunt, or just in the mood for a delicious scramble, hop on over to Longbottom Farm for all your egg needs. Our eggs are more than just ordinary; they’re bursting with farm-fresh flavor, produced without antibiotics or hormones (and fun fact: no chickens are given hormones, not even the commercial ones).

We wish you a joyous and playful Easter, filled with laughter, happiness, and, naturally, an abundance of eggs.

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Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you.  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!  Have a wonderful week!

Longbottom Farm Family

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family