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1. Farm utility vehicle / back scratcher. So versatile!
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3. Cherry tomatoes ripen so beautifully!
4. Poor thing looks exhausted all the time, and I have officially found my spirit animal

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You have some delicious, local, grass-fed beef from your local farmer, and are now wondering; is there anything I need to do differently to cook this?  Here are few tips that will make your steak juicy and tender.  Warning, you’ll probably be designated as the official griller by your guest from now on.  Let’s do it!


5 Tips For Cooking Grass-Fed Beef Tender and Juicy!


Tip #1: Just gonna put this here!  I couldn’t have said it better.


Tip #2: Tenderize with salt!  This can be done with salt / seasoning applied to your steaks prior to cooking, then allowed to set for ~ 40 minutes to 1 hour at room temp.  This draws out moisture which will be reabsorbed producing not only amazing flavor, but a more tender cut of meat.


Tip #3: Use a thermometer.  Helps to prevent overcooking.  We’re shooting for around 130ºF for a good medium rare.  Remember, if it’s not quite done to your liking, you can always put it back on the grill.  Vice versa, once overdone, there’s no going back.  Don’t overcook!


Tip #4:  Not really a cooking tip, but when cutting your beef, cut ACROSS the grain.  This shortens the meat’s muscle fibers resulting in easier to chew bites.


Tip #5: My favorite and just might change your life.  The Jaccard Meat Tenderizer.  This amazing little gadget gets use on every cut of meat I cook.  Beef, pork, poultry, it’s amazing.  It consist of 48 tiny blades that cut the muscle fibers resulting in a more tender cut of beef.  It’s relatively cheap ($19 on Amazon at time of writing).  It’s a secret of chefs and many supermarkets (look closely at your supermarket beef and you can see the holes).  I’ll let Emeril Lagasse show you how it’s done.  BAM!



Hope this helps make those delicious, grass-fed steaks even better.  If your thinking, man, I need some grass-fed beef now, look no further than the Longbottom Farm Online Store.  It’s fully stocked and open 24/7.


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