This week on the farm…

1. The new chicks have been resistant to cuddling, but she’s wearing ’em down.
2. These guys are giving me flashbacks to last year when we were pickling and I leaned over the pot and basically pepper sprayed myself. Rookie mistake.
3. Small, medium, and large.
4. Lots of thunderstorms make for lots of rainbows.

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Come see us at the Scottsville Farmers Market this Weekend from 9am – 1pm and stock up on some 100% grass-fed / grass-finished beef, Fresh eggs, and veggies.  We still have a few beef shares available (quarters, halves, and wholes) as well as half and whole pork shares.  This is the way to go if you’re looking for a big discount and to fill the freezer up this fall.  Hope to see you at the Market, or contact us here to set up a farm tour.  Stay cool out there and have a great week!


The Feyerherds

With our appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family