This week on the farm…
1. Husband tried to sell me on the meditative qualities of mowing. I can’t decide if he’s onto something or if it’s the ultimate con.
2. Hooray! The man-eating asparagus looking plant is blooming.
3. Nosey.
4. She said she needed to get ready to help with dinner, not sure why it included drawing a goatee and uni-brow, but she’s always had a flair for the dramatic.

We’ll be fully restocked with Grass-fed Beef and back at the Scottsville Farmers Market in a few weeks.  We can’t thank everyone enough for the support!  Pork shares are available now and will be ready early October.  This is a chance to stock up on Pastured Pork, cut to the size and thickness you want!  We will also begin offering retail cuts of Pastured Pork at that time.  Thanks for following and have an awesome week!.

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