Around the farm

This week on the farm…
1. She says gardening makes her sassy. It’s gonna be a long summer.
2. “Look Ma, I’m in the Swamp of Sadness”
3. Rollin’ with the portable pig feeder. Not exactly gangsta, but I’ll take it.
4. The bovine equivalent of having food stuck in your teeth.

This week, type in coupon code thankyou10 when ordering online and receive 10% off your entire order (excludes bulk packages).  A thank you from Lexi and I for your support, kind words, and following our story.  Also, you’ve asked us many questions about our responsibly raised meat and eggs and how small family farms work.  We want to share those answers so you know how your food is raised and why small transparent farms are important.  Watch your inbox for these beginning in the next week, and if there is something you would like to see on our farm or question answered, leave a comment and we’ll be sure to answer it for you.  Thanks again!

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