Farm LifeThe grass needs to be cut, the new chicken tractor needs to be built, and the new pig shelter has yet to be started. It’s all good though because we traded that time for something much more important; time with our children.

The girls went on a picnic on the river with their friends this week. Rather than a mad dash to pick up our newest addition to the farm (Pigs!), we all went as a family and made a road trip out of it (twice). Instead of hurriedly rushing to fix a new section of fencing, the girls came along and learned to drill holes and tighten wire.  They also looked for fossils because dinosaurs are all the rage right now. Instead of zipping around the farm on the ATV doing tasks, we took it super slow so the girls could learn how to drive.  In place of building a garden trellis, we played Legos.

One thing farming has taught me is that you are never really caught up.


Teaching the Girls

There’s always something to be done or something that is done but could be done better.  Most weeks we feel really behind, and some weeks only a little behind.  What’s apparent though is that we always manage to get done what needs to get done.  More importantly, that taking time out from being a farmer to be a parent is always the right decision no matter how far behind we are.

It’s pretty easy to confuse the need to get stuff done with what’s really important.

I’ve done it more times than I can count.  I’ll place something that needs to be done on the farm over time with my children.  I will rationalize that doing said chore is for the good of the farm and that benefits the children.  Just like learning to be a farmer, learning to be a parent has some trial-and-error.  Learning to be a good parent only comes with experience.  I’m cognizant of the fact that every moment that passes, they are growing up and will never be as young as they are in that moment.

Farm LifeIf you are a parent, brother or sister, friend, spouse, or partner, be sure to take some time out and enjoy that role.  Make time for a brief pause in that hectic schedule, the career pursuit, or the new life endeavor. Spend some time with those you love.  At Longbottom Farm, we’re all about using organic practices and treating our animals well, but the heart and soul of the farm is doing this as a family.  Anyways, some food for Thought and thanks for reading.  Would love to hear what you think.