This week on the farm… crazy chicken lady edition.
1. Integrating flocks has been a challenge, but we have avoided a Mortal Kombat style showdown, so I’ll call it a success!
2. Supervising afternoon snacks with style.
3. All this rain is rough on everyone’s ‘do.
4. Saving frogs from velociraptor-chickens is a full time job.

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Technical Glitches (Bleep, Blop, Blurp)


Apologies to any of you that received receipts from previous orders.  There are no new charges, just receipts for those of you that have previously ordered.  Just learned our website has a “complete order” button that I had never used.  I’m one of those people that sees a shiny button and says, “yep, lets push it!”.  Good news is we’ve learned how to send receipts!

Also, we are combining our website and systems.  If this is the first time you’ve received an email from us and didn’t sign up or you just don’t want to laugh at my horrible writing skills, just hit unsubscribe at the bottom (but then you’ll miss out on sales and tons of laughs!) and our apologies.

As a husband and wife team who are technologically challenged, we thank you for your patience as we learn to drive this thing.


Come See Us!


Market booth

Catch us at the Scottsville Farmers Market every Saturday from 9am – 1pm, or stop by and visit us at the farm!  We expect to be fully restocked on 100% Grass-fed Black Angus Beef.  We also have plenty of Hand-Gathered, Farm Fresh Eggs from our pasture roaming hens.  Stay dry and have an awesome week!