Pastured Pork - Halves & Wholes

Stock Your Freezer With Delicious Pasture Raised Pork

Looking for a lot of pork at a discount?  Like having a variety of pork at your fingertips.  How about your roast size and chop thickness determined by you and not the supermarket.  If yes, then Pastured Pork shares are the way to go. 

You place a deposit on a live pig.  Once to weight, we transport to the butcher and provide them with your instructions on how to process.  Then we literally bring home the bacon and that’s it. 

Save money by buying in bulk.  The time, marketing, and storage cost savings are combined with a cheaper price per pound and we pass those savings on to you.  Bulk also means you have cuts for any occasion.  Sausage and bacon for breakfast.  Roast for dinner.  Some chops on the grill for friends.  Lots of options.  

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence of knowing exactly how, when, and where your pork was raised.  Something that’s lost in today’s supermarket offerings.  Eat with certainty knowing your food was raised locally, humanely, and safely.

Halves & Wholes

** Price per pound is based on hanging weight provided by the butcher.  Prices above are only estimates based on estimated size.  Our pigs will vary from 200 lbs to 300 lbs.  Rest assured that pricing per pound means you only pay for what you get and not for what you don’t!  Deposits are non-refundable and balance is due prior to delivery via invoice sent right to your email inbox.

How to Order

Farm Pickup


Place your order online, then 24 - 48 hours (rarely 72 hours) later, you'll receive your confirmation email stating Your Order Is Ready For Pick-up!.  Then pick-up anytime Mon-Sun between 8am - 8pm.  Your order will be waiting in our outdoor freezers at the barn (Left covered patio).  Just look for the Pick-up Here sign.  Retrieve your labeled bag from the freezer / fridge and that's it!

pick-up area

Farmers Market


Visit us at the Charlottesville City Market every Saturday from 9am - 1pm (April - December).   Just order here on our website and at check-out, choose 'Pick Up at Market'.  We'll bring your order and have it ready and waiting.  

City Market

Home Delivery


We personally deliver locally to the Charlottesville / Scottsville area every Friday for orders over $50 ($6 delivery charge) and FREE DELIVERY for orders over $99.  Just leave a cooler outside in a visible location.  Expect delivery between 9am and 1pm.  All orders placed before midnight on Thursday will be delivered the following Friday.

Home Delivery

For delivery, we'll deliver to your door provided you're in the Scottsville / Charlottesville Area.  Meat is frozen and vacuum sealed.  Eggs will be delivered refrigerated and must remain refrigerated to ensure safety (washed eggs), freshness, and longevity.

Please place your order above or contact us with questions and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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It Tastes Right Because It's Raised Right!

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Longbottom Farm Pastured Pork

We are super excited to begin offering Pastured Pork!  Coming early 2019.  More details to come.

Pick up at the farm, Home Delivery (Pasture to Porch), or visit us at the Charlottesville City Market every Saturday from 8 am - Noon (April - December).