Whole Beef Share

Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef From Our Farm To Your Freezer

Buying beef in bulk is not a new idea, but it was one less utilized in our modern era of supermarket offerings.  Bulk offers many advantages that are not available at the supermarket.

Like to save Mooola?  Our labor, time, and effort is reduced when you buy in bulk, thus we are able to pass those savings on to you. 

Having a variety of beef cuts at your fingertips is another great advantage of buying bulk.  Feel like grilling?  Take out some steaks or hamburger.  Looking for an easy meal to prepare?  Put an arm roast or some short ribs in the crock pot.  Come back 4-6 hours later and viola!  Having a variety of cuts on hand means means a shorter grocery list and numerous options for you, your family, or any occasion. 

Like Having Choice?  Utiliziing the butcher’s cut sheet allows you to choose the thickness of steaks, size of roasts, etc.  Get your cuts the way you want them! **

Finishing on lush pastures produces an amazing grass-fed beef we think you’ll love.  If you like variety of amazing grass-fed & grass-finished beef at a discount, then a Quarter Beef bulk share is for you!

** The above prices are only estimates based on an average estimated size of a 950 lb animal and will vary by age / breed (~ 800 – 1100 lbs).  The price per pound is based on the hanging weight reported by the butcher.  Rest assured that pricing per pound means you only pay for what you get and not for what you don’t!  Deposits are non-refundable and balance is due prior to delivery via invoice sent right to your email inbox.  Some restrictions to cut options apply to Quarter and Half shares (determined by the butcher).

How to Order

Place Your Order


Choose your prefered share size above and pay the deposit via the button above.  This reserves your share (non-refundable).  Once done, we’ll contact you via email or phone and choose a time to go over the cut sheet (instructions we’ll provide to the butcher concerning your cuts).  

To The Butcher


Once the cut sheet is completed, we’ll take your share to the butcher on the scheduled date.  Your beef will be cut, dry-aged, packaged, and frozen.  The butcher will notify us with the hanging weight once all is complete.  This is what the final balance will be based upon (plus the butcher’s fee and tax).



We’ll pick your order up from the butcher and notify you that it’s ready.  You can then either pick up on farm or, depending on your location, we can personally deliver if you’re in the Charlottesville / Scottsville area.  Then rest easy with confidence knowing exactly how, when, and where your beef was raised.

Quick tutorial on weight and pricing. We take a live cow to butcher.  This is the “live weight”. The animal is dressed and nonessential parts removed (organs, feet, head, etc).  What remains is referred to as the “hanging weight” (used to calculate cost).  This hanging weight dry ages for about 2 weeks to improve texture and flavor.  It is then cut, trimmed, and packaged into the cuts we know and love such as steaks and roast.  This means your actual pounds of beef will be less than the hanging weight due to moisture evaporation, triming, etc.  Most farmers charge by the hanging weight as do we, but we estimate the actual weight (amount you take home) as well in an effort to promote absolute transparency.  Again, these are all estimates and will vary greatly depending on size of the animal, cuts chosen, and butchering technique.  For pick-up or delivery, your order will be frozen ensure safety, freshness, and longevity.

Please place your order above or contact us with questions and we’ll get back to you ASAP!



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