‘Round The Farm

Girls petting sheep

 The girls “helped” me with chores.

broken light

Note to self, do not drive through the barn with the post pounder still on the tractor 🚜

messy horse

Sugar doing her best impression of a corn dog.

grouchy gerdie

Gertie does not seem to enjoy my driving 🚗


Having a bit of fun on the farm. We have a lot of hills on our farm so rolling hay bales makes for good fun.  Just watch out for fences and downstream cattle.

Spring Is Here!

(And So It Begins)

girls with baby chicks

Spring has indeed sprung at Longbottom Farm, and with the warmer weather comes a flurry of activity that’s exciting and scary (lots to keep up with) all at the same time.  It’s a wonderful, bustling time of year for us, and there’s so much we want to share with you about what’s happening around the farm.

Just yesterday, we welcomed a batch of baby chicks to the farm, and they’re settling in nicely. This marks the return of our Pastured Poultry, and we’re excited that chicken will be back in stock in about 8 weeks. We’re planning on a number of batches this Spring, Summer, and Fall.  The website is pretty sparse at the moment but that will be fixed soon!

Now, Grass-fed Beef.  We have really been moving beef (and not keeping up).  Good news!  Yesterday, we sent cattle to the processor, which means our beef will be back in stock in approximately 3 weeks after dry-aging. Our goal at the moment is to restock our retail side (website and Farmer’s Market).  Because of that we may not have any shares available this round. However, we’re optimistic about replenishing our beef supplies this summer or fall and hoping to have larger share offerings then.  Due to the nature of farming, we find ourselves in a unique situation where some of our cattle are at the perfect age for producing amazing ground beef and roasts, while others are still maturing.

Looking ahead, we’re eagerly anticipating the arrival of baby pigs in the next month or so. It’s always an exciting time when we get the call that these little guys are ready to join us at Longbottom Farm.  We have a good supply of Woodland Pork at present so all is good on that front.

We’re also in the process of planning farm walks from early summer through fall. These walks are a wonderful opportunity for you to experience the farm firsthand, see how we raise our animals, and learn more about our homesteading projects. We’ll be sharing more details soon, so stay tuned!

Another piece of exciting news is that our market season kicks off on April 6th. We’ll be at Charlottesville City Market every Saturday from 8 AM to noon. We sincerely hope to see you there, catch up, and share some of our farm-fresh products with you.

Lastly, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for your continued support and business. It means the world to us at Longbottom Farm, and it’s what enables us to keep doing what we love. Here’s to a fruitful spring and an even more abundant summer ahead!

P.S. We love seeing our products in action! Share your culinary creations with us on Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter), and Threads.  Let’s spread the joy of cooking and eating together.

Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you.  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!  Have a wonderful week!

Longbottom Farm Family

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family