This week on the farm…
1. Calling them curious is just a nice way of saying they’re really pushy and kinda bitey.
2. Our new mama cows have arrived! Lowline Angus (American Aberdeen) are pretty much regular Angus, just a bit smaller and a lot easier on the pastures.
3. A much needed fishing trip to recharge. Fishing with small children is surprisingly scary.
4. New ball waterers double as a redneck splash pad. Someday our kids will realize how strange this all is. (P.S. they hadn’t been used by livestock yet)

This weekend is usually filled with sales, traveling, and outdoor activities.  Some enjoy a long weekend, others a picnic or camping.  All of these things are possible because of the ultimate sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made.  Hopefully we can all pause today and remember those that have died in service to our country and give thanks to the family members, friends, and strangers who are among these fallen heroes.

We will be back at the Scottsville Farmers Market this Saturday, June 1st.  While our beef stores are low, we will be fully restocked by June 18th with all of your favorite cuts!  These cuts will be 100% Grass-fed Black Angus Beef.  Have an awesome week!