Last week on the farm (’cause I’m always late)…
1. For the pigs album cover.
2. She’s already better at gardening than I am.
3. It took 505 feet, but we hit water!!!
4. We finally lost this old girl. The old oak that welcomed everyone to our home for the last 100 years was taken out by 5 minutes of 50 mph wind gusts. There were some tears (I won’t say from whom) but we are so grateful no one was hurt and Jason had just moved the cows the day before. It was their favorite shady spot.

Our beef supply is running a bit low since the Scottsville Market started, but we will be fully restocked on all your favorite cuts next month.  A brief delay but allowing finishing on the lush spring pastures.  And don’t forget Pastured Pork this October!  Half and Whole share sign ups are open now.  Thanks for your support and following along.  Have an awesome week!

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