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Jason captured photographic evidence of an attempted alien abduction 👽 /s


Gertie continues to live her best life 🚙 💨

Finley and Horse

Watching these two work together and build a relationship has been a highlight of the summer 😍

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I have no idea what is happening here 🤪

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes?  Curious how the farm really runs?  Join us as we show ups / downs on the farm.  We also share tutorials and how-to videos based on what we’ve learned as farmers.  Sit a spell and enjoy seeing what daily life is really like here at Longbottom Farm.

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Meanwhile, at the Farm:

Heat Waves, New Arrivals, and An Apology

Finley and MRCs

Scorching Week on the Farm

I hope you’re managing to stay cool in this relentless heat. This past week has been the hottest one we’ve had all year, and we’ve felt every degree of it while working on the farm.

Mobile Range Coops Completed

Our main project has been finishing the 12 x 24 foot mobile range coops. It was a grueling task in this weather, but it had to be done.

We’ve got turkeys currently housed in a horse stall that need to be moved out, and our 200 broilers have outgrown the brooder.

Yesterday, the 200 broilers moved into their new home, which is a huge relief. 

These new mobile coops will allow us to 4x our poultry production and really scale up for 2025, all the while saving our backs and letting our ATV do the work.

Processing and New Arrivals

In addition, we sent another 100 broilers to the processor yesterday.

On top of that, we picked up some new arrivals—full Berkshire pigs. These pigs will be with us for a couple months before they’re ready for processing.

We often collaborate with other farms to raise animals due to our space limitations. This ensures they have plenty of room and receive the same care we give our own livestock. 

It also means bacon, bone-in chops, and other out-of-stock items will be restocked soon!

Managing the Heat

The heat has made everything more challenging. We’re making sure all the animals have good shade, plenty of water, and we’re checking on them 2-3 times a day instead of the usual once.

If anyone knows a good rain dance or has connections with the weather gods, now’s the time to call in those favors!

Thanksgiving Turkeys and Future Plans

Looking ahead, we’ll be offering a limited number of turkeys for Thanksgiving this year.

Things are going well, and with our new mobile range coops, we hope to increase our turkey numbers four to six times next year. Stay tuned for more details.

Farm Tours and Part-Time Help

Lastly, we apologize for not offering farm tours at the moment. Lexi and I have been struggling to keep up with the farm, our off-farm jobs, and homeschooling our kids.  This time of year is always a challenge and the time just hasn’t been there to plan an event.

We plan to hire some part-time help soon—once I figure out all the hiring rules, insurance, and other details.  Then we’ll get some time back to focus on tours and more!

Stay Connected

For those who don’t already know, we have a YouTube channel where we share a lot of what’s happening on the farm, as well as an Instagram Page.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

Thank you again for supporting local farming. Stay cool out there, and keep hoping, praying, and dancing for rain!

P.S. We love seeing our products in action! Share your culinary creations with us (tag us) on Facebook, Instagram, X(Twitter), and Threads.  Let’s spread the joy of cooking and eating together.

Thanks for following us and allowing us to serve you.  If you have questions or would like to share your thoughts, give us a shout!  Have a wonderful week!

Longbottom Farm Family

With Our Appreciation,

Jason, Lexi, and Family