This week on the farm…
1. Not exactly a good ‘ol fashioned cattle drive, but we did, in fact, drive our cattle from the upper pasture to the bottom land
2. The girls were worried the chicks wouldn’t be able to reach their breakfast.
3. I literally have no idea what she’s looking at, but I still feel like she’s being judgy.
4. Looks like it’s time to make some pickles

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We are fully stocked on our grass-fed / grass-finished Black Angus Beef.  As an apology for running out of stock and a thank you for sticking with us, take 10% off your online or Farmers Market purchase of retail cuts this weekend (Friday 6/28 – Sunday 6/30).  Just use coupon code angus100 at the Online Farm Store or mention it to us this weekend at the market.  Good time to stock up on steaks and burgers for the 4th of July!  Thanks again for supporting your local farms and have an awesome week!


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