Family Beef Value Pack

An Assortment of Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef for the Family

Family Beef Value Pack

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The Family Beef Value Pack is an assortment of roasts, ground beef, and shanks.  These are great for the family or a small group.  Roasts are simple to prepare and make enough food for 4-6 people.  Ground beef is versatile and great for burgers or cassarole dishes.  Bone in shanks are amazing for soups and stews.  Buying in bulk also saves you money (~ 10% off retail).  If you’re in to a variety of cuts and saving money, Value Packs are the way to go.  Here’s what you get!

Virginia Raised, Grass-fed & Grass-finished Beef

5 lbs of Ground Beef (1 lb packs)
2 Roasts (Bone in Chuck Roast and / or Arm Roast totaling ~ 5 lbs.)
4-5 lbs of Beef Short Ribs (~ 2-3 packages)
2 Beef Shanks (~ 2 lbs)

** The size and weight of cuts will vary slightly with each box.  Price is based on total weight of your box estimated at ~ 17 lbs with a 10% discount off retail.

How to Order

Farm Pickup


We encourage you to pick up your meat and eggs here at Longbottom Farm, so you can see how your food is raised and meet your farmers.  Place your order right here at the farm store and pick-up your order at an agreed upon time.  Contact us first to ensure we are not out in the fields or tending to the animals.  Masks and social distancing are required.

Charlottesville City Market To-Go

Visit us at the Charlottesville City Market To-Go.  We will be there every Saturday from 8 - noon.  This is a drive thru market where you order online Mon-Thur, and pick up on Saturday.  This runs from April – October.  Pick up orders for City Market MUST be made though the City Market To-Go website.  Just search for Longbottom Farm!



We personally deliver locally (within 30 minutes of the farm) every Wednesday for orders over $75.  Our regional Fed Ex delivery is on hold while we navigate this pandemic. 

For delivery, we'll deliver to your door and place your order in a cooler provided by you.  This allows us to do our part in preventing COVID-19 spread.  Eggs will be delivered refrigerated and must remain refrigerated to ensure safety (washed eggs), freshness, and longevity.

Please place your order above or contact us here with questions and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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