Bulk Grassfed Beef

Stock your freezer with delicious, 100% Grassfed & Grassfinshed Beef

Grassfed cattle at Longbottom FarmBuying beef in bulk is not a new idea, but it was one less utilized in our modern era of supermarket offerings.  Bulk offers many advantages that are not available at the supermarket.

First, you get your cuts how you want them.  Want your steaks 2 inches thick?  No problem!  Want to leave the bone in for flavor and nutrients?  Done!  Buying in bulk allows you to decide all aspects of butchering, and we’ll sit down with you and go over all those options that are available so you’ll get exactly what you want and how you want it!  

Like to save Mooola?  Saving money is another benefit of buying in bulk.  See our pricing chart below.  Our labor, time, and effort of selling grassfed beef is reduced when you buy in bulk, thus we are able to pass those savings on to you. 

Having a variety of beef cuts at your fingertips is another great advantage of buying bulk.  Feel like grilling?  Take out some steaks or hamburger.  Looking for an easy meal to prepare?  Put an arm roast or some short ribs in the crock pot.  Come back 4-6 hours later and viola!  Having a variety of cuts on hand means means a shorter grocery list and numerous options for you, your family, or any occasion. 

We offer this each Fall to take advantage of Spring / Summer grasses and finish on the lush fall growth before winter.  This produces an amazing grass-fed beef we think you’ll love.  If you like variety, personalized cuts, and a lot of amazing 100% grass-fed beef at a discount, then a bulk share is for you!

** The above prices are only estimates based on an average estimated size of a 900 lb animal and will vary.  The price per pound is based on the hanging weight reported by the butcher.  Rest assured that pricing per pound means you only pay for what you get and not for what you don’t!  A delivery fee of $75 is added to total if home delivery is desired.  Deposits are non-refundable and balance is due prior to delivery via invoice sent right to your email inbox.

So, How Does This Work?

Place Your Order

Decide how much beef you’d like based on options & information above (Quarter, Half, or Whole).  Reserve your share by submitting your deposit via the button above.  This secures your order, then we’ll send an invoice for the remaining balance when your beef is ready for delivery.

Beef Cut Selection

We will (by phone or in person) discuss with you the process, different cuts of beef, available options, and walk you through the entire order to ensure each cut is tailored to what you want.  We deliver to the butcher along with your cutsheet, where everything is done and packaged at a USDA inspected facility.


The processor will notify us when your order is ready.  We will make arrangements with you to deliver your order.  We will pick up your order and deliver straight from the butcher to your house where we’ll help load your freezer with what we believe is some of the best tasting grass-fed beef in central Virginia!


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