This Week Round’ the Farm…


1. Finn’s take on a spa day is a dust bath in the wood ash. (And yes, my child named a chicken after herself)

2. The sparrow family is back and threw this nest together in less than a day. Meanwhile I’ve been preparing to vacuum for a week.

3. The new mower has arrived and I wish I could say I shared this guy’s enthusiasm.

4. Husband has a green thumb, literally.

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Farm Lessons Learned


1. Don’t assume walking though lush pastures after pig chores will magically clean your boots.  Lets just say it’s probably a good idea to remove your pig chore boots before getting in a small space like a truck. Trust me on this.

2. When you smell chicken poop and can’t find where its coming from, check your neck!  Moved some portable fencing recently and couldn’t shake this undeniable smell of chicken poop.  After checking boots, pants, and shirt, I approached my wife who had this half smiling grin on her face.  I tell her that I can’t shake this chicken poop smell, and she burst out laughing.  Skid mark right on the neck.  Sigh.

3. A lot of farm (and life) lessons revolve around poop, probably more so at our farm then most.

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